1st Christmas Gift

I know a little rugrat that's getting this for Christmas!!! If you want one too check out Red Envelope.

Basic Needs

I got these cards a few years back and found an old one I had written to Jason. I re-fell-in-love with them!


Paper Source Oh How I Love Thee

Paper Source is holding Holiday Demo's! I LOVE Christmas and Paper!

All Holiday Demos are held at Paper Source stores. Times may differ, visit your location for Sunday Holiday hours: Kansas City, Beverly Hills, Berkeley, Santana Row, Carlsbad, Alexandria and North Park demos start at noon. Saturday, November 15 and Sunday, November 16

11:00 am to 12:00 pm - Tidings of the Season!
Create a fabulous Christmas or Hanukkah card using decorative punches, rubber stamps, glittered embellishments or just a hint of sparkly Stickles.

12:15 pm to 1:15 pm - Signed, Sealed and Delivered
We'll supply the "envelope inspiration," you can add your own personality with the help of our envelope liners and template kits-combined with our wonderful new papers and labels!

1:30 pm to 2:30 pm - Setting the Holiday Table
Come learn how to create snowman place cards, paper wrapped candles, embellished paper mittens and glittery snowflakes. Then finish the table off with enticing tiny favors.

2:45 pm to 3:45 pm - Kits, Craft Boxes, Decorations and More!
Create the perfect holiday penguin tree topper, our paper poinsettia wreaths, or learn how to decorate craft boxes to hold small and large treasures!

4:00 pm to 5:00 pm - Wrap It Up and Tag It!
We have a great collection of bags, ribbons, wraps, tissue and toppers, and can't wait to show you how to wrap it all up for the season.

MAJOR Shopping Blunder

You know those items that you walk by at Nordstrom that you walk by every time and want but because of cost or impracticality you simply keep walking by?
Well this week Jason actually purchased one of those items for us....The Clarisonic Skin Care System. I LOVE it! My skin has never felt so soft, looked so healthy and been so clear! I should of known....OPRAH had this as a favorite thing once so you know it's good!

Cool Kid Haircuts

Cookie Magazine (which I love) offers up these cool kid haircut picks!

For Kids With Curls

The Fine Haired Funky Look

For Thick Straight Hair try a BIG Bang

Medium Coarse Hair check out the Rembrandt

Make the most out of Wiry Curly hair with The Drama Queen

The Short Wave

The Menace

The Cute Quirky Micro-Bang!


Ammunition and Wine...What Could be Better?

I am really loving these adorable ammo cases that have been remastered for a new cheer-y task...holding wine! Make drinks, not war with this Vietnam-era artillery case that was salvaged and renovated into a peaceful and rustic-looking wine bar that holds 3 bottles, 6 glasses and still has space for tools. Closed, it is a rugged and nostalgic decorative box; open, it finds purpose as a functional serving station. The perfect gift for wine enthusiasts or anyone looking to add a unique twist to the average bar. Manufactured in the USA. And sold at Uncommon Goods.

Mod Cloth

Mod Cloth is an online store that doesn't just specialize in mod clothing but also an array of other fun things. Here are some of my faves....


I normally love everything that JCrew produces. However, this season has brought very few things I'm jumping at getting. Strange! Here's what I am loving....


I've always wanted a Chicago Pillow

I SO want all of these! To see more from your favorite places here's their website.

46664 - Nelson Mandela

The Nelson Mandela Mont Blanc 46664 (Nelson Mandela's number while in prison) charity bracelet has exceeded sales predictions.

The charity bracelet features a 3D imprint of Mandela’s hand and has an extra feature, buyers can track their funds, used to help alleviate HIV/AIDS, through a unique serial number imprinted on the piece.

The46664 birthday bracelet was created by craftsmen affected by HIV/AIDS, and is available through the 46664 website.

"46664 is an African response to the global HIV AIDS epidemic that invites the whole world to take the fight in hand. It's our aim to raise awareness overall and educate the younger generations in particular. By gaining global backing for the cause, we will also raise funds to directly assist the many HIV AIDS projects we support. We intend to do this by using our international ambassadors to spread our messages of hope, our calls to action, our pleas for compassion and our requests for assistance and support for those living with HIV AIDS.

46664 (we say four, double six, six four) was Nelson Mandela's prison number when he was imprisoned on Robben Island, off Cape Town in South Africa. He was jailed in 1964 for 27 years for leading the liberation movement against apartheid and for his impassioned stance on the rights of everyone to live in freedom. He was prisoner number 466, imprisoned in 1964. The Robben Island prisoners were never referred to by their names, but rather by their numbers and year of imprisonment - hence 46664 was Nelson Mandela's number.

This was very much the strategy of the apartheid regime, to reduce those people fighting for the right to freedom to nameless numbers.

It was for precisely this reason that Mr. Mandela decided to use this powerful, symbolic number in the fight against HIV AIDS. Through this simple, poignant means he has demonstrated and communicated to the world that people must never be reduced to simple numbers - we are human beings, all equal, and those infected and living with HIV AIDS have the same right to live and to be treated as equals.

This is how the number 46664 became the icon for promoting Nelson Mandela's global HIV AIDS awareness campaign." (http://www.46664.com/2)


Hello Mr. President

Adorable Sweet Fries

From our friends at PoshPartyBox comes this adorable twist on the traditional french fries. Try it!

A fast and fun finger food for kids.

1 Pound Cake
1 ½ cup Strawberries or Rasberries
1 ts Sugar
1 T. Lemon Juice

Take a pound cake and cut in pieces to look like french fries. Bake at 350 - keep turning until all sides are brown. For the fake catsup use either fresh strawberries or rasberries (approximately 1 ½ cups) add 1 teaspoons of sugar and 1 tablespoon of lemon juice. Put in blender. Place fries either in a paper cup or on a plate with the "catsup" on the side.

Natesa : nah-TAY-shah : hindi "dance lord"

Are you looking to name a child soon? I suggest these websites as great resources for such dilemmas!

For a collection of unusual and multi-cultural names?
Visit Alfabette Zoope!

[ g i r l s ]

Dabria : dah-BREE-uh : latin - name of an angel
Dacey : DAY-cee : gaelic "southerner"
Dacia : DAH-shuh : latin "from dacia"
Dacio : DAH-sho : french "from arcy"
Dae : DAY : korean "greatness"
Dagmar : DAG-mahr : danish "joy of the danes"
Dagna : DAG-nuh : old german "a splendid day"
Dagny : dahg-NEE : norwegian "day, brightness"
Dai : DIGH : japanese "great"
Daisy : DAY-zee : old english - flower name or "day's eye"

Dakota : dah-KOH-tah : native american "friend"
Dale : DAYL : old norse "valley"

[ b o y s ]

Dag : DAG : norwegian "day"
Dagan : DAG-an : hebrew "grain"
Dakarai : DAH-kah-rah-ee : african "happiness"
Dakota : dah-KOH-tah : native american "friend"
Dale : DAYL : old norse "valley"
Dallin : DAYL-lin : old english "pride's people"

Dalton : DAHL-tun : old english "valley farm"
Daly : DAY-lee : gaelic "advisor"
Damek : DUH-mek : czechoslovakian "earth"

Or to check out name trends by visiting NameVoyager.
This website is just fun to play with...check it out!