Delivery Story...


It’s time to push! Everything looks so well that they think within 15-30minutes we’ll know if we were gonna have a son or daughter! We’re SO beyond thrilled! They start getting everything ready…It’s Go Time!


I push, and push and push! Jason was AMAZING! He blew me away by being the best coach I could have ever needed or dreamed of! Seriously he was a total rock star! He had decided he wasn’t going to look South during the whole thing but the nurse kept saying, “look there’s your baby’s head! Look!!” So to avoid feeling like the worst dad of all time he looked…and regretted it J I asked later if he say the head to which he exclaimed, “NO!” Jack’s head just kept coming out a little bit and then going back in. So, they decided to let gravity try and help and give me a short break by giving me 20 minutes, during which, my epidural wore off. I so didn’t care that it was gone. I was SO highly motivated to get to meet this baby I didn’t care! Bring on the pain, I thought, maybe this is the motivation I need!


My nurse comes back and I push some more. The old doc comes in with a cup of coffee, sits in the rocking chair at the end of my bed and stare at my efforts. WEIRD!

I start to get a fever because my water had broken so long before. So, they start me on an antibiotic to avoid infection for me and the baby. My doctor finally said he thought it was time to try the vacuum to assist in the delivery. I remembered at my childbirth class the nurse saying if the doctor suggests this method it’s a last resort and we should listen to the doctor

AND I was so ready to meet this baby I was all about it! My hospital is a teaching hospital so as soon as we agree to the vacuum in come 8 or so additional residents and nurses to help and observe. He tells me I get 3 contraction or 9 or so pushes to try this with the vacuum. So it begins! I’m ready to meet the baby, find out the gender and impress my new audience. Contraction one…nothing. Contraction two…nothing. Contraction three…vacuum flies off the baby making a loud pop, the docs arm flies back and blood splatters on my new audience. Then

this experience started to feel like a sad scary movie!

They tell me we need to go to surgery and have this baby via c-section. I’m defeated! ALL that hard work, ALL that pushing, ALL that effort and I couldn’t do it. I’d be lying if I told you I still don’t feel any disappointment about not delivering the way I thought I would.

And remember how I was fine about my epidural being gone….I wasn’t anymore! I was in pain physically and now emotionally and I wanted to feel nothing. But, the anesthesiologist was busy with another patient and I had to wait for about 30 minutes (it may have been only 10 I’m not sure but it felt like an eternity). He finally came in to administer a spinal block but for whatever reason I still had feeling on my right side not totally but still enough.


I get wheeled into the operating room and Jason joins me shortly after. I can feel too much and forget to breath through the pain. Luckily the sweet anesthesiologist reminds me I’m providing oxygen to my baby so I breath. I can literally feel the doctor climb on the operating table to push the baby into the right position. They quickly pull out our baby, hang him over the curtain and exclaim, IT’S A BOY! I look at Jason and say, “did they say it’s a boy? Did we get our boy?’

We both cry, hold hands tightly and say over and over, “we have our Jack”! They bring Jack by my bed for maybe 45 seconds to look at him and then quickly take him out of the operating room and I insist Jason go with him.

Little did I know that would be the only time I would see him that day.


I’m in recovery completely drugged on morphine and the high of having my precious baby. Jason comes in to see me and looks SO sad! When I asked him why he says it was hard to watch me go though all that and not even get to hold our baby.

What he wasn’t telling me then was what happened to our sweet Jack.

When the vacuum popped off it left a pretty deep laceration on his head and since he was in the birth canal so long he had a bit of a cone head. So when Jason went back to the NICU with him his head looked like Jell-o. He said Jack looked like he’d been beaten up.

I’m so drugged I’m un-phased by not seeing Jack and drift off into a deep sleep.


I wake up crying and feeling desperate to hold my boy. We call the nurse, she gets me sitting up (not a small effort after surgery) and wheeled down to meet my precious Jackson Danger Burgett! I was immediately in love and dying to get him out of the NICU as fast as I could!

November 7:

It’s time for me to leave the hospital…but not Jack, he needs to stay in the NICU for a few more days. Leaving the hospital without a baby was a new kind of pain to me. My heart has felt broken before…this felt different, like part of my heart was ripped out and staying at that hospital. It felt like I was still pregnant almost cause I still didn’t have a baby to take home. So I stood in the lobby of the hospital waiting for Jason to pull around the car and cried. The valet guy came in and asked if I needed a cab!?!? How sad would that have been?

Side note-I had no idea this would happen. I didn’t swell AT ALL during my pregnancy but after I had Jack my feet were SO swollen I thought I needed medical attention. YUCK!

November 10:

We bring Jack home!

Jack stayed in the NICU for 6 days. Because of the fever I had coupled with the laceration he needed to be monitored and given an antibiotic. Praise the Lord NO permanent damage was obtained and he’s doing great! This was the best day ever! Our family was finally complete!

Overall this was not what I expected! I had a totally normal pregnancy, my labor was textbook (everyone kept saying) and then BAM it was the exact opposite of what I envisioned. I SO didn’t pack correctly for a c-section stay, didn’t mentally prepare for what went on. Recovering from 3 hours of pushing + surgery= NO FUN AT ALL! I still feel some disappointment with the way it went down but that feeling quickly goes away once I look at my perfect little boy’s eyes! God is Good!


A Labor Story...

Here's my attempt to finally tell Jack's birth story.

So, here's part 1.....

November 1st 2pm:

I have my last OB appointment and she strips my membranes (OUCH!) My parents were in

town and we were all anxiously awaiting Baby B's arrival. We went on a million walks, bounced on the exercise ball and prayed this baby would come quickly!

November 3rd 3pm:

I start feeling contractions at work. I pull away from my desk, grip my belly and breathe quietly so as to not draw attention to myself. Heck, I’ve never been in labor before and this may very

well just be practice contractions. For whatever reason the thought of having a false alarm embarrasses me so I sit back quietly and just breathe. So much for looking inconspicuous,

Alicia, walks by and immediately asks if I’m ok. I say, “I think so, I just don’t feel good.”


I leave work. When I get home I take a long warm bath remembering at my breastfeeding class they said if you do this and still have regular contraction they probably aren’t Braxton-Hicks but they also mentioned that if you “think” you’re in labor….you probably aren’t, You’ll know when you’re in labor. My warm bath results in simply more contractions. Although, I did loose

my mucous plug, which is about as attractive as it sounds.


I come out to the living room with my parents and Jason and we attempt to watch Modern Family and eat dinner. However, the only thing that sounds good to me is bouncing on my huge exercise ball. So I bounce and bounce, and bounce, change positions and roll around…and

bounce some more. I feel horrible. I head to the bathroom and have some bleeding and decide I’m heading to the hospital.


We get to the hospital (funny side note, Jason packs for a small army of people. He brings 2 suitcases a backpack, a pillow and hang up clothes….I bring a small duffle). We get into the triage room where they tell me I’m dilated to a 1 (same as November 1) but they want to

monitor me for a couple of hours. I’m laying there mortified that I’m about to be one of “those” women who comes in and has to be sent home. They come back and check and sure enough, I’m sent home...mortified!


As we’re walking out of the hospital I’m feeling worse both physically and mentally. Jason and my dad go to get the car and my mom and I make it back into the hospital in time for me to pee (will later find out that was the beginning of my water breaking s-l-o-w-l-y).


We get home and attempt to sleep. I am up ALL night being SO dramatic! I’m literally clawing at our headboard begging the Lord for mercy, breathing, confessing to the Lord how weak I am and begging Jason to take me back to the hospital. Jason keeps reminding me that I always said I wanted to labor as much as I could at home…I SO didn’t at the time. My contractions go from every 5 minutes down to every 2-4 minutes. This was one of the hardest nights of my life!


I tell Jason, “Have mercy on me and call my doctor and tell her to get this baby out of me.” He

finally calls my doctor and tells her that I’m begging for the baby to come out – she agrees this is a good sign that it’s time and that I should come in. This is the WORST time of day to try and get to the hospital. It’s rush hour! I continue being dramatic and later think if anyone saw me in the car they must have thought I was being kidnapped by the way I was behaving!


We get checked in triage and I’m at a 4! Progression!


I’m still progressing nicely and get an epidural. This was the best moment! At this point I’m questioning the sanity of all my friends who give birth without an epidural (KIDDING...You ladies are rockstars!) it was so heavenly!


I feel great! I have my makeup on, my headband in and I'm ready to push this baby out in style! My lovely friend Alicia brings my family lunch and hangs for a bit while I’m wrapping up work and checking emails. Hey, I didn’t expect to have the baby that day so I had to tie up some loose ends! Then I was able to Skype with Mercedes and Noel and Micah and Kathleen. It was SO nice to talk with them even though they are so far away!

Then I check Facebook and I kid you not, I have like 6 messages from all sorts of people saying they dreamed about my baby last night and that it was a boy and then I get 2 text messages from people saying something similar. WEIRD!

I then find out that my doctor isn’t on call and that another doctor will be over soon. OK, I wanted a woman to deliver my baby. I’m just more comfortable that way. So I picked a practice that was all women and one very old male doctor who they promised me would be so close to retirement by the time I had my baby that there was no way he’d deliver my child….I got the old man! Good thing we knew our nurse and she was outstanding!


It’s time to push! Everything looks so well that they think within 15-30minutes we’ll know if we were gonna have a son or daughter! We’re SO beyond thrilled! They start getting everything ready…It’s Go Time!

Click Here for Part 2


Guessing Game

This is has got to be one of the hardest parts of pregnancy! I'm dying to know when I'm having this little baby and this not knowing game is awful!

I'm progressing in the right direction according to my doc - which is great! I've got 12 days until my due date and a list of to-do's a mile long!!!

I had horrible contractions last night. So much so that I was convinced I might just be in labor. I need at least 7 more days baby(my mom gets in town in 7 days)!!!

I can't wait to meet this little precious baby!


Wonder if this baby will look like me?

Just wondering lately if this baby is going to look more like me or Jason or neither....Here are some of my earliest pics. If I get some of J I'll post those too.

My how these things have changed!

A little graphic but, look at those lungs working!

My first official picture at the hospital.

Going home dress.

Me and my Sister!!!!


37 Weeks....Let the countdown begin

I cannot believe how fast this is going by!!! It's actually kinda scary how fast this is going. I just keep thinking this could be the last weekend just J and I...weird! It's one of those "make every moment count" moments.
The past 2 weekends we've gone to double feature movies both weekends, run loads of errands, and cleaned like crazy. I literally got on my hands and knees to mop my wood floors and scrub the carpet in my bedroom.
So, this weekend we're planning on doing some fun stuff throughout the city and living it up while we're not crazy exhausted :)
Things are crazy at work too! There is an insane amount of work to be done before I leave. So, I'm working like crazy to leave them well equipped to take care of business while I'm gone. And PRAYING like crazy I don't forget or drop something along the way (which I'm sure I will).

BAH!!!! Baby B, see you in a few weeks!


TOO Cute Thank You's!

I wanted some special Thank You cards made for all the great gifts Baby B was getting.
Aren't these the absolute cutest Thank You cards you ever did see?
My lovely friend and creative genius has a great etsy store that you should check out!


Being Weird and Pregnant

Cute Funny Baby - 34 Week Ultrasound

September 25th we had what might be our last ultrasound before Baby B arrives. My mom, Jason's mom and Kathleen were in town and got to be there with us. It was wonderful!
The baby looked adorable and SO real! Last time sometimes the little monkey looked like a real baby but mostly just like a jumbled picture that I didn't get.
The Ultrasound technician started out by saying over and over....."What a funny baby! This is a funny baby!" We didn't get it at first, and Jason was somewhat offended at first not knowing what she meant. Apparently the baby wouldn't stop sticking out it's tongue and puckering it's lips :) Then the tech went on to say, over and over again how cute this baby was....and the pictures are pretty cute if I do say so myself!
I never thought I'd be one of those people/parents that tried to see myself or J in the baby but, that is Jason's nose ALL the way and I think my big lips but that chin....no idea! We'll have to wait and see :)
Cutest profile on the block! We were all in tears at some point during the appointment.

During the ultrasound the baby had the hiccups. Watching Baby B's spin contract with each hiccup I was feeling was crazy cool!
The baby was also breech. Seriously the head, arms and feet were all curled up in the top part of my right side....ALL of this baby was just chilling there. This explains why the nerves in my right leg were always in SO much pain!
On Monday, I had a doctors appointment and we went over all the details of what they do when a baby is breech. I had no idea they try to physically turn the baby themselves. Not shocking to hear, but, apparently its such a painful procedure that they give you an epidural before they begin and induce immediately following or they just schedule a C-section. Not my favorite conversation.
Then my hilariously amazing doc puts her hand on my lower abdomen and says, "when did you get that ultrasound?" I told her 2 days ago. She looks shocked and says, "cause that feels like a head." She continues with the exam...side note, no one told me my first below the waist exam would be that painful. WHOA, not prepared for that!....She then takes me to the ultrasound room to check the baby's position. And, I kid you not, she places her hand delicately on my arm and exclaims, "My outpatient skills are amazing! The baby is down here and in the right position!"

GO BABY B!!!! Way to move and save mommy the horrifying experience of them turning you!
Now we just have to pray this little monkey doesn't keep moving! Stay put kid-o!


NURSERY - Check!

After several weeks of dreaming, 3 build n' play parties and 3 amazing out of town "designers" the Nursery is FINALLY ready!

Here's the work in progress.....The final touches....
Hanging curtains and clocks
My mom doing stuff and Kat and Marelen doing stuff
Me....exhausted and looking VERY pregnant!

And here is the finished (well, almost finished) product.
I should take better pictures with something other than my phone!
It's my new favorite room in the house! Baby B officially has the coolest room ever! I am so pleased how it came together!

I can't say Thank You enough to all the amazing people who came out and helped us with our nursery! We have the BEST friends and family!!!

I had a Baby Shower

My AMAZING friends - Rachael, Kendra, Alicia, Dana and Meredith - Got together and threw a Super fun "ninja baby" shower for us!
It was at this little bar in Chicago called the Suite Lounge. Love this place! Best carrot cake martini ever (only wish I had had one while I was there)! Since it was a couples shower, being at a bar made it much less weird for the boys.
Everything was so personalized to Jason and I. You could tell every detail was thought out with such love! Thank you ladies for a fun, memorable party! MUAH!

New outfit + HUGE belly

No Burgett party is complete without mustaches! Thanks for the chocolate mustache pops Sheri!
PRESENTS!!!!! Loved opening them with Jason...he's a WAY better reactor than I am!
Cupcakes and diaper cake!!!!
And these lovlies came ALL the way to Chicago to celebrate with us! It wouldn't have been the same without them.My mom even had these adorable buttons made that everyone had to put on as they come into the shower....how cute is that! I will say, the teams were about even :)

SO Fun! Baby B is ready and loaded up with more gear than he or she could possibly ever need. Thanks to everyone that came out, partied and spoiled us rotten!


Feeling Scared....Is This Normal?

I have felt a little down this week.
Living with chronic pain for the past 6 months is finally getting to me. My right leg has had waves of pain everyday for literally 6 months or more. It SUCKS! I've tried to take it in stride and keep perspective on how blessed I've been this pregnancy to have nothing major happen and mostly I've done pretty well. This week, however, I'm just so over being in pain daily! I'm exhausted from waking up from the pain throughout the night and want relief! I'm just really missing this carefree girl.

I'm also revisiting the nervousness about birth and raising a child that I felt the week I found out I was pregnant. The closer we get to the actual birth I keep thinking, "what the heck are we doing? We don't know nothin' about birthin' or raising no babies".

Of course I know what scripture says about fear, anxiety and the blessing that children are....I just need those truths to sink down deep into my soul this week cause I'm just scared :) This is normal...right?

"Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God; and the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus." Philippians 4:6,7