Homage To Music

Does anyone else LOVE this piece of art, A Homage to Music? Matthew Heller is an art genius!


Firmdale Hotels

LOVE love love these hotels! Firmdale Hotels are a group of 6 hotel throughout London and owned by Tim and Kit Kemp. The design in each hotel is chic, bright and hip! The pictures below give you a great idea of just how impeccable they look...even the map drawings are lovely!


The latest Delightful thing...

Delight.com ALWAYS has the best things! My latest obsession....Silicone Doily's by Modern Twist. These are great since your can wipe them off and reuse over and over again! How fun!

Cool iPod app: Last Call

Last Call: Responsibility Made Simple

Last Call is a free, easy way to estimate your blood-alcohol level and determine if it's safe for you to drive after drinking. If not, use it to call a cab. Last Call also provides a list of top local DUI lawyers, provided by Avvo, to call for help if you need it.

How it works:
Log your alcohol consumption as you drink.
Keep an eye on your blood-alcohol level as Last Call instantly estimates it.
Find nearby taxi services if your blood-alcohol level is too high.
Contact a top local DUI attorney on Avvo if you need one.

JUMBO Hostel

This new hostel is one of a kind...really!
This Boeing 747-200Jumbo Jet has made it's final flight and become a staple at the Stockholm Airport entrance. They are taking reservations now!

Coolest Recycling center EVER - By: Mode

This is truly the most chic recycling center EVER! Ok...full disclosure...I don't recycle! I know I should, I know it's the right and good thing to do but I don't. But after seeing this website and product I may have a change of heart. Check out what their website had to say about this amazing product. Just because you want to recycle, doesn’t mean your kitchen has to look like you do. The Deluxe All-In-One Recycling Center with 3 Compartments for 17-gallon total capacity gives you one beautiful place to store all of your recyclables.

It’s never been easier to recycle while staying clutter-free.

Cheeky Chicago

Thank you Yelp for yet again introducing me to something AMAZING!
Cheeky Chicago! This is a new(er) online magazine for the Chicago gals. It's witty, cutesy and I love it!

It features a HUGE calendar of events with goodies ranging from drink specials to openings of hit plays. They also give you the 411 on hot spots to eat, drink, hear the best new bands in the city and so much more!


Tim Walker Pictures

This book, Tim Walker Pictures is must-have for me! Check it out!