Marc By Marc Jacobs

Marc by Marc Jacobs I am loving you! The price is just right and the look is just my style!
Marc, You never cease to impress!

All items can be bought at Nordstrom.com.


Chicago - NEW printed Blog!?!?

Urban Daddy...an exclusive, daily email magazine devoted to keeping you in the know...Just brought news of a NEW printed Blog that will be distributed tomorrow at 3 different L stops (Damen, Southport, and Belmont). To see if they'll be testing this beta version of this newspaper, check their website.

If you get one tomorrow I want to take a peek!

Directly from The Printed Blog Website
The Printed Blog is the worlds first daily newspaper comprised entirely of blog and other user generated content.

The result is a revolutionary newspaper that reads and functions like a web feed - yet can still be enjoyed on the train or spead accross the breakfast table.

The Printed Blog
is changing the way people read and consume news and other information. We hope to play a vital part in reversing the fortunes of the newspaper industry with this new media project... but we need your help.


United States of Tara

This new show is quickly making it to my MUST DVR list!
If you don't know the primes yet, here's the deal....Wife and Mother of 2 teenaged kids has multiple personalities: T (a teenage wild-child), Buck (a rough motorcycle riding, smoking, left handed man) and Alice (the Martha Stewart of the bunch).
This series written by Diablo Cody and produced by the great Steve Spielberg is a HIT! Check it out on Showtime this week!


Martin Luther King Jr.

My church raised the bar this weekend! The sermon was on Renewing The City, Part of our Vision Statement. We also honored a great man throughout the whole service. Check out this AMAZING tribute video.


Truck Stuck

I work at the craziest job! We joke that we should have a TV show! So today a Piano was being delivered and the weight of the piano in the truck (i guess) weighed it down to get into the buildings garage. Once the piano was out the truck was STUCK!
We were told to all go down and weigh the truck down...surprisingly with all of is in there it was still not weighed down enough. So people were finding anything heavy and piling it in: Salt, dumpster, people, etc.
Did I mention the reason it was stuck was the sewage pipe was too low? That means if we were to go forward much more we risk busting that pipe. Yuk! The shadow on the picture below is the pipe! Yikes!
Despite our best efforts the truck remains stuck!

Best quote while hanging out in the truck..."i've had a child... i know how to get something large out of a small opening..."

Pictures thanks to (or stolen from, sorry Tim) Tim Schraeder who was giving live updated via twitter!


I'm Back!

The holiday's got the best of me! My time was FILLED with traveling, gift buying, cooking, thank you notes, and SO much more! Nonetheless, blogging took a backseat. But I'm glad to get back to it...I've missed it!

What's happening now in my world? My landlord stopped paying his mortgage. Great! So we're moving. Before the holiday I thought we'd move 3-5 years from now but, alas moving is not future Mabrie's problem...wrong! So we are looking at options one being building our own home!

There is a website I came across...Turquoise-la.com. This L.A. based furniture and interior designer is completely inspiring! Check out some of her stuff and visit her website for more!