It feels like someone just hit the reset button in my life. On Friday Rachael moved away and Alicia finished her last day at work and will be moving away in a few days. So, two of my besties, two of the people I share my life with, two of the people who I'm proud to call my Chicago family are gone. And all of a sudden I'm that scared and lonely 22 year old girl again.
I had the honor of driving down to Lincoln with Rachael to help her get settled into her new place. We got SO much accomplished, shared some laughs, great local donuts and a a few photo-ops. As I stepped on the train to say goodbye I felt so small and helpless. Literally, how can I live life in Chicago without her? Maybe a little pathetic but SO how I felt. So, I immediately pulled out my Bible desperately seeking refuge and peace. I fully intended to write Him a letter full of heartache and complaining :) And as I spent time with my sweet Jesus, I was reminded of his amazing grace and faithfulness that brought these two women into my life in the first place. After all, when I was all alone in this new big town I cried out to him for friends, relationships, connection with someone. I had best friends back home in Texas and didn't need that, "so Lord, could you just give me one friend?" And then, as he does, he gave me MANY close, best, friends!I had never stopped and realized how I went from NO people to LOTS of people! He took my prayer and gave me immeasurably more than asked for and imagined I needed. My complain-a-thon letter to Jesus turned into a love letter of gratitude.
I'm still sad that these women will not be apart of my day-to-day life (although with technology we can sure try) but I'm beyond grateful to have them in my life at all! Even when I thought I didn't need life-long friends He knew that I needed you BOTH!
Your fingerprints are all over my life and my heart and will be forever!

My dear friends, as you move into new (exciting) chapters in your own lives, I pray that you're filled with peace as you reflect on His faithfulness! I'm praying for amazing, rockin', understanding, foodies, compassionate, funny, laid back women of God who reflect his love and who propel you towards Him! I have no idea how I'm gonna live in Chicago without you but, I know I can rest assured in His faithfulness....whatever shape that takes. I love you dear friends and am grateful!
"Every time I think of you—and I think of you often!—I thank God for your lives of free and open access to God, given by Jesus. There's no end to what has happened in you—it's beyond speech, beyond knowledge. The evidence of Christ has been clearly verified in your lives."
1 Corinthians 1:4-6


Parenting TOTALLY Lives Up to the Hype

WOW! So I guess I stopped blogging immediately after Jack arrived. Can you believe it's been 6 months since he was born?!?!?

Life is busy, Life is full, Life is crazy.

Jack is basically the coolest little person I've ever met! I'm completely fascinated by him! There is no telling how many hours I've spent staring at him, playing with him, feeding him, rocking him, singing to him.

Now that Jack is here I'm surprised by all the good that comes with having a baby. I spent so much time as a pregnant person game planning for the worst. Not to say that I didn't know that it would be amazingly amazing. I figured it would be pretty great but some great things are catching me off guard. Like, I have become a much more efficient person in every area of life. I'm much more efficient at work! I work so hard so that I can leave right at 5 and not miss another minute with my little guy. I amazingly get more laundry done than ever before and more loads of dishes cleaned and put away. I didn't know I had it in me! :)
I thought I'd come to hate middle of the night feedings out of sheer exhaustion but I've come to find I love Jacks midnight snacks! It's my favorite time to sing, stare and marvel at this precious little bundle of pure goodness.
I am completely amazed at my own mother. I always have had a deep love for her but this just sends that love to new depths and appreciation. I had to call her and thank her for all the blow-outs she cleaned off of me, all the spit up she wiped off and all the countless hours of sleep she undoubtedly lost.
I'm more in awe of the love of the Lord and his unending pursuit of of his people. I'm not sure why this has come up at this point but I dig it.

The first time, he rolled over, noticed his fingers, ate his first cereal, smiled, laughed, cried a real tear, cooed, scream-talked, slept through the night - all these little things didn't seem little at all! I'm all of a sudden a beaming proud momma over the tiniest things (and they actually don't seem tiny they seem HUGE).

So far, SOOOO Good!