Cloudy with a Chance of Baby Furniture

What a great weekend we had! It started with going to see Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs in the park with Rachael, Keller and Charlotte. I swear if you don't want to start having kids yet you should not hang out with these kids. They are SO good and SO cute you'll want kids asap! LOVE them!

This weekend, I discovered a couple things this weekend.

One, I've been calling Baby B "little monkey" since day one. This could have been a bad idea. I'm quite certain, now that I'm feeling it move, that he or she may actually be moving around in there like a monkey non-stop!

Two, All of the shirts I put on (most of them) had a tiny hole in the tummy and I had no idea where they were coming from.

After much thought and investigation I think I figured it out…finally! I have a little tiny, miniscule bump on my desk at work and when I push myself in close to my desk and swivel around in my chair it must catch my shirts and create a tiny tear in the fabric! BOO!

p.s. I love this man!

Jason’s parents were also in town and we had a great time hanging out. My in-laws totally spoiled the baby (and us) completely rotten! COMPLETELY!
Here's all the stuff they bought for the nursery. It's basically all bought for now. WOW, that happened fast! I honestly didn't think we'd get everything together this soon. Now we just need to clear out the room and put all this stuff in! Thanks Rod and Marelen for being amazing!

Shop chest/changing table

Incredibly modular Flor rug

The Bookshelves and drawers and doors that go with

The Crib

The bedding!

Cool lighting

The Mamaroo Swing....LOVE IT and hope the little monkey does too!


Do I Need a Rocking Chair and Stuff We've Already Bought

We've already bought some things for Baby B.

Jason found a sale on Petunia Pickle Bottom diaper bags a couple years ago and bought a few (typical Jason:) I think these are the designs and fabric choices he got but it's been awhile since I last saw them.

Then we found this amazing jumper thingy...SO cute!
And my wonderful in-laws just bought us our stroller!
We've bought a few more small things. Like this Chicago Flag onesie in black.
And some little chew toys.

Jason is, of course, loving this part of adding to our family :)

Still making up our minds on larger purchases. I'm feeling a bit lost in the sea of baby cribs, bedding, breast pumps and so much more. This stuff is trivial I'm sure but I just want it to be perfect(typical me). Here's a question I keep finding myself asking, "do I need a rocking chair"? What are your thoughts?


20 Weeks ALREADY

This pregnancy thing is going by pretty fast. Well at least the first half did. Then again we spent the first couple of months not even knowing I was pregnant. Still, how did 20 weeks already go by?

This week we had an extended Karate class. Check out this pregnant Ninja on the loose!

We then had our big 20-week ultrasound. I was beyond thrilled! Even though we’re not finding out the sex of the baby just knowing at any point we may just see gave us a heightened sense of excitement! They told me to drink an ungodly amount of water before I got there so they could get a better picture of the baby. I threw in a cup of coffee so the little monkey would be awake J Don’t judge me! I ad to go to the bathroom SO badly when we got there and the very thought of the technician rubbing something around on my belly made me have to go even more! Luckily, right when she put the doodad on my belly she immediately said, “Oh! Your bladder. You need to go empty it so the baby isn’t so squished.” They told me to drink too much water! This made the appointment 1000 times more enjoyable.

Everything went so smoothly and she said the baby looks great! The Karate lessons are already paying off! The munchkin had awesomely tight fists through much of the photo shoot!

The little peanut is actually quite long measuring at about 11 inches already (from toes to head) and weighing about 12oz.

In other pregnant news, my right leg is falling asleep ALL THE TIME! It’s like pins and needles all day long! I’m hoping to go see a chiropractor for some relief! Also, we're rethinking the whole nursery! So that picture I posted awhile back may be totally different soon. Stay tuned!

More baby pictures. Enjoy!

If you want to watch part of the appointment check us out on you tube.




Week 19 - Already!

A few Firsts have taken place since being pregnant:

I felt Baby B move for the FIRST time today!
For about 20 minutes it like little bubbles were popping inside my belly. It wasn't at all what I thought it would feel like but it was still pretty cool!

Bought my FIRST pair of maternity jeans. I'm not kidding y'all - They are now my official Thanksgiving pant!

The FISRT time I've looked at any parts of my body with utter horror! Seriously, if my warheads don't calm down they're being reduced immediately after baby B's arrival! Come on girls give a gal a break!

The FIRST time I've actually missed having a cocktail!
This past weekend I got to host my lovely friend, Dana, a wedding shower. We went to one
of my favorite bars with the BEST carrot cake martini's...the rim of the glass is literally frosted with buttercream deliciousness!

The FIRST time I've Googled weird things like placenta, could my cats kill my baby, what is Lanugo, how to suck as a parent, average breast growth during pregnancy, attachment parenting, communication elimination (super weird) and so many more.

I'm sure this list will continue to grow and grow along with my midsection. So fun!



I was looking at nursery pictures and came across this and fell in love!

Luckily for me, my dad is a rock star and he said he’d make these for me! I’m Beyond Thrilled!