Am I Ready to Have Kids?

So I guest blogged on my lovely friend Destiny's blog: The Belgexan. Most everyone I know, including my Chicago people, already read her blog....because she's fabulous and highly entertaining but, for those of you who don't now would be a great time to start! I recommend it!


Parents, Meet Baby B

I FINALLY uploaded the video of us telling the parents. It's seriously the cutest thing ever!

*remember we gave them mothers and fathers day presents*


Guess What We're Having....

Think you know the gender of our baby? Well you're not the only one!
Not finding out the gender of our little monkey has brought about some interesting reactions from people. Some people LOVE that we're not finding out and some people look at us like we are disgustingly irresponsible. Regardless of their emotional response to the ever popular phrase, "Oh, we're gonna be surprised" everyone has a theory on what kind of baby we'll be having - You're carrying low so it's a boy, What's it's heart rate....it's a girl, You can tell by the shape of your belly it's a boy, When is your birthday and roughly when did you conceive...it's a girl!

So what's your guess? Taking all bets NOW!


You know who's NOT scary? Jerry Seinfeld

I love scary movies! I love all that goes into them creatively and I love the feeling of being a little freaked out by something you know isn't real. My love of being a little scared from time to time extends even into my dream world. I actually like nightmares! I know it's weird but, even though I'm freaked out I'm impressed with my brains ability to create fear out of nothing.

So, I had this reoccurring nightmare last night (it should be the premise for a movie). Here's the premise: The main character is sitting on their couch watching TV. They flip to a certain channel and all of a sudden it's them on the TV watching themselves in their house. Like under surveillance style. However, the show turns freaky when a predator of some sort comes into the house. And the "bad guy" is after them in one way or another. The character is then faced with the notion of choosing which reality to believe is truth, the one they are in or the one they are watching. There is also the ability to change the channel at any point if it gets too scary but the character always goes back because it's so intriguing. It's a dream so many things are possible.

Well, last night, Jerry Seinfeld is in the dream and it's almost like he's playing the scary host of the story ala Alfred Hitchcock-like. So when the main character changed the channel, Jerry is over there saying, "Why'd you have to change the channel? It was just getting good."

Jerry Seinfeld is not scary...not at all! So, thanks for ruining a perfectly good nightmare Jerry! Now get out of my head! :)


Dumpster Diving

So I'm driving along with my sweetest friend, Alicia, and out of no where I exclaim, "What the..." and I pull the car over quickly and flip around. Alicia thought we were getting pulled over or hit a cyclist or something. Nope! I just saw a $300 highchair someone had just thrown out next to their dumpster. She quickly darted across the street, grabbed it and threw it into my car (like I said, sweetest friend). Check it out!

It's not the exact highchair I registered for but it's really close! The padding can be purchased separately and a plastic removable tray can as well. The condition is what I would list as gently used and I'm so cool with that. I am just so excited.
To be honest I was having the day from hell yesterday. Hard day at work and stressing about finances and this completely helped me get out of my funk! I love a bargain and I love free even more!
It may or may not be true but, I like to think God had that little gift waiting there for me. Humor me!


You've never looked more pregnant cupcake

So after a long long loooong day and after forgetting to eat dinner -- I got home and I was starving! The only thing I had already made up were some cupcakes....some glorious glorious cupcakes.
So, I'm standing in the kitchen in the dark in a pre-pregnancy tank top and underwear eating a cupcake. Jason came into the kitchen flipped on the lights and exclaimed, "You've never looked more pregnant to me than in this moment!"
I died laughing. Boy was that cupcake good!


Do I Need a Baby Book?

Do mommy's still track all things baby with Baby Books? Do I need a Baby Book? Did you use one?
If so, which book did you get and did you find yourself actually using it?


Sweet Surprise

Jason surprised me the other night with this cute baby b box. He told me he's had this gift saved since before he even met me. He said he saved it because he knew he wanted to give it to his future wife either at their 10 year anniversary or when they had their first child. He thought he'd have to wait for our 10 year to give it to me but yay, he didn't have to! Here's what was inside.
This is a ring from his grandmother. I never had the honor of meeting her as she passed away before I came into the picture.
Needless to say, with hormones and sweetness I boo-hooed...a lot!

Love my sweet Jason!

My New Thanksgiving Uniform

So I'm officially out of my normal lady jeans and into full fledged maternity jeans! I guess I could still wear my old ones....but you know how some overweight people button their jeans under their gut? Yeah, I'd look like that!
I fully expected to hate maternity clothes of all kinds and surprisingly I love the jeans! This is my official uniform for all future Thanksgiving meals. No more stopping midway through to unbutton my jeans. I'm throwing these babies on and eating my meal without interruptions!


Here I Grow!

So here I am weeks 9-22. I've grown a bunch (I think) and am over halfway there.

Week 9

Week 10
Week 12

Week 13
Week 14
Week 16
Week 18
Week 19

Week 20

Week 21

And....Week 22!
Is this really my future? Whoa!