Guessing Game

This is has got to be one of the hardest parts of pregnancy! I'm dying to know when I'm having this little baby and this not knowing game is awful!

I'm progressing in the right direction according to my doc - which is great! I've got 12 days until my due date and a list of to-do's a mile long!!!

I had horrible contractions last night. So much so that I was convinced I might just be in labor. I need at least 7 more days baby(my mom gets in town in 7 days)!!!

I can't wait to meet this little precious baby!


Wonder if this baby will look like me?

Just wondering lately if this baby is going to look more like me or Jason or neither....Here are some of my earliest pics. If I get some of J I'll post those too.

My how these things have changed!

A little graphic but, look at those lungs working!

My first official picture at the hospital.

Going home dress.

Me and my Sister!!!!


37 Weeks....Let the countdown begin

I cannot believe how fast this is going by!!! It's actually kinda scary how fast this is going. I just keep thinking this could be the last weekend just J and I...weird! It's one of those "make every moment count" moments.
The past 2 weekends we've gone to double feature movies both weekends, run loads of errands, and cleaned like crazy. I literally got on my hands and knees to mop my wood floors and scrub the carpet in my bedroom.
So, this weekend we're planning on doing some fun stuff throughout the city and living it up while we're not crazy exhausted :)
Things are crazy at work too! There is an insane amount of work to be done before I leave. So, I'm working like crazy to leave them well equipped to take care of business while I'm gone. And PRAYING like crazy I don't forget or drop something along the way (which I'm sure I will).

BAH!!!! Baby B, see you in a few weeks!


TOO Cute Thank You's!

I wanted some special Thank You cards made for all the great gifts Baby B was getting.
Aren't these the absolute cutest Thank You cards you ever did see?
My lovely friend and creative genius has a great etsy store that you should check out!


Being Weird and Pregnant

Cute Funny Baby - 34 Week Ultrasound

September 25th we had what might be our last ultrasound before Baby B arrives. My mom, Jason's mom and Kathleen were in town and got to be there with us. It was wonderful!
The baby looked adorable and SO real! Last time sometimes the little monkey looked like a real baby but mostly just like a jumbled picture that I didn't get.
The Ultrasound technician started out by saying over and over....."What a funny baby! This is a funny baby!" We didn't get it at first, and Jason was somewhat offended at first not knowing what she meant. Apparently the baby wouldn't stop sticking out it's tongue and puckering it's lips :) Then the tech went on to say, over and over again how cute this baby was....and the pictures are pretty cute if I do say so myself!
I never thought I'd be one of those people/parents that tried to see myself or J in the baby but, that is Jason's nose ALL the way and I think my big lips but that chin....no idea! We'll have to wait and see :)
Cutest profile on the block! We were all in tears at some point during the appointment.

During the ultrasound the baby had the hiccups. Watching Baby B's spin contract with each hiccup I was feeling was crazy cool!
The baby was also breech. Seriously the head, arms and feet were all curled up in the top part of my right side....ALL of this baby was just chilling there. This explains why the nerves in my right leg were always in SO much pain!
On Monday, I had a doctors appointment and we went over all the details of what they do when a baby is breech. I had no idea they try to physically turn the baby themselves. Not shocking to hear, but, apparently its such a painful procedure that they give you an epidural before they begin and induce immediately following or they just schedule a C-section. Not my favorite conversation.
Then my hilariously amazing doc puts her hand on my lower abdomen and says, "when did you get that ultrasound?" I told her 2 days ago. She looks shocked and says, "cause that feels like a head." She continues with the exam...side note, no one told me my first below the waist exam would be that painful. WHOA, not prepared for that!....She then takes me to the ultrasound room to check the baby's position. And, I kid you not, she places her hand delicately on my arm and exclaims, "My outpatient skills are amazing! The baby is down here and in the right position!"

GO BABY B!!!! Way to move and save mommy the horrifying experience of them turning you!
Now we just have to pray this little monkey doesn't keep moving! Stay put kid-o!