20 Weeks ALREADY

This pregnancy thing is going by pretty fast. Well at least the first half did. Then again we spent the first couple of months not even knowing I was pregnant. Still, how did 20 weeks already go by?

This week we had an extended Karate class. Check out this pregnant Ninja on the loose!

We then had our big 20-week ultrasound. I was beyond thrilled! Even though we’re not finding out the sex of the baby just knowing at any point we may just see gave us a heightened sense of excitement! They told me to drink an ungodly amount of water before I got there so they could get a better picture of the baby. I threw in a cup of coffee so the little monkey would be awake J Don’t judge me! I ad to go to the bathroom SO badly when we got there and the very thought of the technician rubbing something around on my belly made me have to go even more! Luckily, right when she put the doodad on my belly she immediately said, “Oh! Your bladder. You need to go empty it so the baby isn’t so squished.” They told me to drink too much water! This made the appointment 1000 times more enjoyable.

Everything went so smoothly and she said the baby looks great! The Karate lessons are already paying off! The munchkin had awesomely tight fists through much of the photo shoot!

The little peanut is actually quite long measuring at about 11 inches already (from toes to head) and weighing about 12oz.

In other pregnant news, my right leg is falling asleep ALL THE TIME! It’s like pins and needles all day long! I’m hoping to go see a chiropractor for some relief! Also, we're rethinking the whole nursery! So that picture I posted awhile back may be totally different soon. Stay tuned!

More baby pictures. Enjoy!

If you want to watch part of the appointment check us out on you tube.


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