Truck Stuck

I work at the craziest job! We joke that we should have a TV show! So today a Piano was being delivered and the weight of the piano in the truck (i guess) weighed it down to get into the buildings garage. Once the piano was out the truck was STUCK!
We were told to all go down and weigh the truck down...surprisingly with all of is in there it was still not weighed down enough. So people were finding anything heavy and piling it in: Salt, dumpster, people, etc.
Did I mention the reason it was stuck was the sewage pipe was too low? That means if we were to go forward much more we risk busting that pipe. Yuk! The shadow on the picture below is the pipe! Yikes!
Despite our best efforts the truck remains stuck!

Best quote while hanging out in the truck..."i've had a child... i know how to get something large out of a small opening..."

Pictures thanks to (or stolen from, sorry Tim) Tim Schraeder who was giving live updated via twitter!

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