Chicago - NEW printed Blog!?!?

Urban Daddy...an exclusive, daily email magazine devoted to keeping you in the know...Just brought news of a NEW printed Blog that will be distributed tomorrow at 3 different L stops (Damen, Southport, and Belmont). To see if they'll be testing this beta version of this newspaper, check their website.

If you get one tomorrow I want to take a peek!

Directly from The Printed Blog Website
The Printed Blog is the worlds first daily newspaper comprised entirely of blog and other user generated content.

The result is a revolutionary newspaper that reads and functions like a web feed - yet can still be enjoyed on the train or spead accross the breakfast table.

The Printed Blog
is changing the way people read and consume news and other information. We hope to play a vital part in reversing the fortunes of the newspaper industry with this new media project... but we need your help.