37 Weeks....Let the countdown begin

I cannot believe how fast this is going by!!! It's actually kinda scary how fast this is going. I just keep thinking this could be the last weekend just J and I...weird! It's one of those "make every moment count" moments.
The past 2 weekends we've gone to double feature movies both weekends, run loads of errands, and cleaned like crazy. I literally got on my hands and knees to mop my wood floors and scrub the carpet in my bedroom.
So, this weekend we're planning on doing some fun stuff throughout the city and living it up while we're not crazy exhausted :)
Things are crazy at work too! There is an insane amount of work to be done before I leave. So, I'm working like crazy to leave them well equipped to take care of business while I'm gone. And PRAYING like crazy I don't forget or drop something along the way (which I'm sure I will).

BAH!!!! Baby B, see you in a few weeks!


Marelen B. said...

It's so funny you said that about wondering if this would be the last weekend it was just J and you. I did the same thing both times. Is this the last time we go to dinner with just the two of us? Is this the last night we only have Tom to tuck in? Then it was the last day of Tom's senior year, and I wondered how many times I'd have all four of us under the same roof; then 3 of us, and now the two of us. Enjoy and cherish ever possible "last time". Love you, Baby Girl!

Des said...

ummmm I want your dress! where did you get it?
ps. you look LOVELY!