A healthy Breakfast...at Starbucks

So a few months back I stopped drinking caffeine. This quickly stopped all trips to Starbucks in fear that even the smell of the place would make me fall off the proverbial wagon. This past weekend I ventured back to get a dear friend a much needed latte. And there I discovered some changes the ol' Buck's had made...healthier breakfast items, some of which could be easily replicated at home. Yumm!

Power Protein Plate
(330 calories with peanut butter, 260 without - about one-third of your daily protein intake)
This includes a hard boiled egg, grapes, 2 apple slices, white cheddar cheese, a mini wheat bagel accompanied with peanut butter, salt and pepper. I should make this at home all the time. I love it!

Perfect Oatmeal
(140 calories for just oatmeal; 100 calories for nut medley; 100 calories for dried fruit; 50 calories for brown sugar)
I'm not so sure I'd call it perfect, but for oatmeal on the go it's pretty good.

Chewy Fruit and Nut Bar
(250 calories; 4 grams of fiber; 5 grams of protein)
This is a fancy granola bar. I just love how pretty it looks.

Apple Bran Muffin
(330 calories; 7 grams of fiber, 7 grams of protein)
Bran, Oats and apple....yumm! Of course the top is better than the bottom but what did you expect from a muffin?

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