Kitchen Things I'm Lovin'

Here is a list of things I think are too cool and am dying to try!

The Delightfully Pink Innovative Chop2Pot

Best. Cutting Board. Ever. When the handle is squeezed the board folds into a chute to help guide diced and chopped food into the pot.

Amazing Portion Control Mats

Make it easy on yourself with these Amazing and Ingenious PortionPals. These silicone Sheets let you know exactly how much of each food group you should be consuming on a meal-by-meal basis.

Set includes 5 silicone discs for grains, sweets, meat, fish, and chicken.


Simplehuman Steel Bar Step™ Trash Can, in Black

Trio Peeler
With three retractable stainless-steel blades, this all-in-one peeler can switch from one prep task to the next in an instant. Simply rotate the handle to select the desired blade then slide it into place. The gentle touch of the soft-skin blade easily peels tomatoes, mangos and peaches. The heavy-duty hard-skin blade is great for carrots and zucchini. For shredding thin vegetable strips for soups and salads, select the julienne blade. And use the peeler’s tip for removing potato eyes.
Professional Multi-Chopper
Instead of enlisting an army of specialized knives for slicing, dicing, wedging and coring fruits and vegetables, use this one easy-to-operate tool. Its three pushers and four interchangeable stainless-steel blades can be paired to quickly perform tasks ranging from coring and wedging an apple to slicing a zucchini. A push of the spring-loaded lid cuts a whole fruit or vegetable and deposits its slices into the removable, closed container. A telescoping arm to accommodate larger ingredients is included.

Safe & Healthy Index Chopping Boards

Enjoy your sirloin while you keep the germs away from your swiss chard! With this inventive and compact set of four cutting boards, one for meat, one for hot items, one for fish, and one for vegetables - you'll never be wary of your messy kitchen surfaces again! Color-coded and easy stored together on a counter top or in the pantry.

Dean and Deluca Spice Rack

Organic, Lightweight, breathable, washable and super sturdy just toss them into your Eco shopping bag and breath even greener than you already are.

Pumpkin Cake
A stunning centerpiece from Halloween through Thanksgiving, this masterpiece of the baker’s art alternates five moist layers of double-chocolate cake with a chocolate-truffle cream filling.

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steve.judd said...

Mabes, you should order a Dean & Deluca home catalog, it is amazing and includes for sale a $2000 ham.