I had a Baby Shower

My AMAZING friends - Rachael, Kendra, Alicia, Dana and Meredith - Got together and threw a Super fun "ninja baby" shower for us!
It was at this little bar in Chicago called the Suite Lounge. Love this place! Best carrot cake martini ever (only wish I had had one while I was there)! Since it was a couples shower, being at a bar made it much less weird for the boys.
Everything was so personalized to Jason and I. You could tell every detail was thought out with such love! Thank you ladies for a fun, memorable party! MUAH!

New outfit + HUGE belly

No Burgett party is complete without mustaches! Thanks for the chocolate mustache pops Sheri!
PRESENTS!!!!! Loved opening them with Jason...he's a WAY better reactor than I am!
Cupcakes and diaper cake!!!!
And these lovlies came ALL the way to Chicago to celebrate with us! It wouldn't have been the same without them.My mom even had these adorable buttons made that everyone had to put on as they come into the shower....how cute is that! I will say, the teams were about even :)

SO Fun! Baby B is ready and loaded up with more gear than he or she could possibly ever need. Thanks to everyone that came out, partied and spoiled us rotten!

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