Braxton Hicks....Boo

Last week was the busiest week ever! We had summer camp for kids at work that took what felt like thousands of hours to put together. The endless hours of work included getting on a lift that went 24 feet up! All the crazy physically demanding work and many sleepless nights landed me the proud new owner of Braxton Hicks contractions. THEY SUCK! Luckily, we had snocones which made it much better :)
After camp was over, I was in a wedding for my sweet friend Dana. It was a lovely day/evening, everything was perfect. However, the whole time, I had these annoying and sometimes intense fake contractions. Hoping after a full day in bed they would subside.

(taken at 2pm)

After a full day of rest I am finally feeling back to normal!

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Des said...

so sorry, but yes, an invaluable lesson. Pregnancy does indeed mean you can't do EVERYTHING! ;-) take it easy momma!