Best Husband EVER and One Rockstar Best Friend!

I had vacation days that were expiring at work so I planned to take 5 days off and focus solely on baby stuff.
See, at the beginning of the pregnancy, when we were in freakout mode, we made a list of to-do's before the baby comes (lists bring comfort to my soul). However, we are BUSY people and haven't had a lot of time to tackle the list. With only 9 weeks left it was time to tackle that list! We're turning Jason's office into the nursery. And I needed him to flip it in to high gear and move out ALL of his stuff so I could get started on the room. I was SO stressed when I called
him one day only to find out he and a friend were home "playing video games". Are you kidding me Jason? I was trying to stay calm and loving but I was stressed and mad! My drive home
from work I prepped myself so that I didn't walk into the house a raging pregnant lunatic. I walked in the house and SURPRISE, Jason and friend had almost completely cleared out the room and cleaned! I was literally in tears I was so happy!
Then he told me he was going out that night with a friend that was coming in town from Texas. I was fine with that since I wanted to relax before I faced my tackle-the-house vacation. Then 30 mins before he left he started begging me to come with him to the airport to pick up his friend. I SO DID NOT WANT TO GO! I finally gave into his request and went...complaining the whole way. I was such a brat! I started texting my bestie, Kathleen, about how annoyed I was with him. I literally look up from hitting send on my phone to see Jason standing outside the
car with KATHLEEN!!! My a-m-a-z-i-n-g had called Kat that morning and asked if she could
leave that evening and fly in to help me and make my tackle-the-house vacation more effective and more fun. I was shocked! Seriously, I never in a million years expected that.

We work SO well together! We spent the first day cleaning and organizing my WHOLE house. We threw away 11 bags of garbage (sorry mother Earth). It felt AMAZING! Then we spent the next few days constructing stuff for the nursery. We worked until we were exhausted!
I cannot say Thank You enough to Kathleen for dropping everything in her life to make my life more easy and a lot more fun! And Thank You Jason for everything, for giving up your space for the baby, for knowing I needed my Kat here for support and a BIG belly laugh, for giving us the space to get stuff done and for loving me in spite of my bad attitude. MUAH! I love you both!


Emily said...

That is awesome!!!

Lolly said...

This made me tear up! It's like a scene from a romantic movie. You have a great husband and I bet he will be an amazing daddy. Congratulations and blessings to you both.