What Should I Put into a Hospital Bag?

I've been researching what to put into the hospital bag. So, my question is what did you put into your hospital bag or wish you had put into your hospital bag?

I had this dream that the baby came - EARLY! I was panicked and didn't have time to pack my hospital bag so I asked Jason to do it. We go to the hospital, have the baby (a scary looking baby boy) and then I reach for the hospital bag to get freshened up and I see what Jason packed for me....all lingerie! What was he thinking?

Now I think it's time to get a bag ready...just in case the unexpected happens.


Kathleen said...

I love you dream!! And I think you are deffiently having a girl only cause both times I was pregnant I had a dream I had the opposite sex than I really had! Also things for the bag: face wash, lotion, lots of underwear and not thongs! A robe and snacks! Plus all the stuff the hospital tells you to bring, they will probably give you a sheet at your class. I love you!!

Sunshine Eyes said...

Yes, to all that Kathleen said. I also took my favorite lip balm - labor + industrial strength heat/AC meant my lips were raw! If you're planning to breastfeed? A nursing cover (assuming you're expecting guests in the hospital) and a boppy. Also, a top 10 list of those people my hubby needed to call with the big news... Yes, printed, including who gets a call in the middle of the night, or whether to wait til day light. We knew we'd be exhausted, and I wanted to make it easy. Extra camera battery, fully charged. Phone charger. My bed pillow - I wanted my head on something comfy that smelled right at the end of the day. So fun it's getting closer! :) (Oh, and I dreamt in the correct color both times! We can't wait to hear!)

Mercedes said...

Can't you just pack like you're going to a cheap hotel? They have shampoo and soap but it's crappy. Definitely bring the boppy for nursing. Love you!