Doctors Visits- 2 & 3

I had my second appointment. Kathleen and my mom came with me! SO thrilled they could be there with me. It was completely normal and ended with a Doppler to check the little peanuts heart beat. When she first put the device on my belly my mom and Kat heard the little heartbeat immediately! I had no idea what to listen for and so I was just laying there unimpressed. Silly me!
Come my 3rd appointment I knew exactly what to listen for! I was almost in tears it was so fun. I never thought I'd be the type to cry over this stuff, and I didn't, but I almost did. CRAZY!
My Doc told me what all the sounds meant. It sounded like Baby B was swinging in there, having a fetus party! The heartbeat would get loud then soft, loud then soft, then lots of movement sounds. SO cute! Dr. Hoffman said, "Get your rest now cause this little monkey's gonna be trouble."
I can't wait for my next appointment! We'll get a second ultrasound!

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