Starting from the beginning...

March 1, I get a text message from my dad that says, “I dreamed you were pregnant last night” I responded, “Weird!!!! I’m not”.

March 2, Jason gets laid off from his company.

March 5, we head to Dallas and come home on the 7th. While we’re there my dad recounts the dream he had. He said, in the dream, we handed him a box full of balloons that said Happy Grandparents Day to announce we were expecting. I think my dad’s nuts and should stop dreaming about such nonsense.

March 9, we’re at the grocery store, and pregnancy tests are on sale for $5. So, I grabbed a pack on a whim thinking what the heck! They’re $5!

We get home and at some point I take the test. There is a faint second line….I come out and tell Jason that we should go pick up tests that aren’t expired or cheap ‘cause I’m sure these are wrong. So we run to CVS and pick up 3 different brands to be sure. I quickly take a 3 and sure enough the dream was right! I come out of the bathroom in tears and shock… we’d been told that without medical help this may not happen for us. So, we’d kind of come to terms with that fact and we’re ok with it.

I cried, We hugged, We took a picture.

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