Telling the Parents

So the best thing ever happened! Both of our parents were going to be in the same place all at once! My parents were on sabbatical and stopped in NY to stay with the Burgett’s. I’m not sure both of our parents have all been in the same room together since our wedding. So, when we found this out we knew we wanted to wait to tell them all in person! No phone, no Skype, no texting….good ol’ fashioned face to face telling our parents! We were thrilled. Now this did mean we had to limit telling just about anyone since no one can be trusted with Facebook around! J

So week 13 finally rolled around. We planned out what we wanted to say and how we wanted to tell our folks. Jason and I got there the day before my parents. It took a tremendous amount of restraint to not just break down and tell his parents the moment they picked us up! But, we managed.

The next morning my parents arrived. We told them all that since we didn’t ever get to spend Mothers and Fathers Day together we brought gifts for them all. So we all set in the living room….and then the talking began. These people (Burgett’s, Jackson and Jason) talked and talked and talked! I kept excusing myself to the bathroom to throw up cause I was SO nervous and ready to tell them. At one point I excused myself and called Mercedes just to ask her to pray they all shut up so we can do this cause I’m making myself sick!

FINALLY the moment came and we convinced them to open their gifts. The dads went first. They got a copy of the dvd from our first wedding. They were underwhelmed it seemed. Then came the moms. This could not have gone more perfectly! They opened their gifts at precisely the exact moment. And out came a framed picture of the sonogram in a frame that said Laugh! Marelen immediately started screaming as if she just won a car at Oprah! My mom said, Is this a Joke? They laughed, cried, screamed, ran around…..it went exactly the way I wanted it to go! Jason recorded the whole thing so we can have that memory forever! My favorite part of the video was Marelen being so excited and having no one to hug….so she hugs herself! What a cutie pie!

We ended the day with us giving the dads bags of balloons that said Happy Grandparents Day, just like my dad had dreamt.


Picture with my folks

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