Texas Babies Wear Boots

So I was talking to my cousin Mercedes about teaching my child about their Texas heritage despite the fact that we don't live there. While discussing the things every Texan (by blood or location) should learn we came up with a fun idea.
You know those books Urban Babies Wear Black, or Sporty Babies Wear Sweats? (If not you should! they're great. Click here to find out about these books)
Well, what if there was one called Texas Babies Wear Boots that we could make especially for Baby B to learn about what it means to be Texan?
Here's a few things we have so far:
Texas Babies wear boots
Texas Babies go to the rodeo
Texas Babies eat Tex-Mex
Texas Babies love southern hospitality
Texas Babies like the heat
Texas Babies visit the Alamo
Texas Babies say Y'all OR Yes Ma'am and Yes Sir
Texas Babies drink coke not pop
Texas Babies learn about ALL six flags
Texas Babies know they are Texan first and American second
Texas Babies sing Texas, Our Texas with great pride
Texas Babies pick out their salsa the way they would pick out a fine piece of art
Texas Babies know what "fixinto" means OR that Blue Bell's the best ice cream in the country
Texas Babies have cute accents
Texas Babies make baby food taste better with ranch OR salsa
Texas Babies clap when they hear the stars at night are big and bright
Texas Babies accessorize with belt buckles or bows
Texas Babies take pictures in Bluebonnets
Texas Babies give "sugars"
Texas Babies say Grace
Texas Babies cut their teeth on ribs

So, Texas people, what are some things we should add? What should my precious baby not being born in Texas learn about what it means to be Texan? Thoughts? Suggestions?

p.s. we'll share the final project if you ask nicely :) so please don't steal our idea


Des said...

I won't steal your idea if you make into a book using Blurb (or similar) and let me buy one for my baby! :-)

heatherjean8737 said...

Love it! I agree about making it into a book....my baby needs one too!!! hehe

Mercedes said...

I still like mine....Texas babies belong in Texas. So you move back (I mean you!!) :o) Love Aunt Shannon