Sweet Surprise

Jason surprised me the other night with this cute baby b box. He told me he's had this gift saved since before he even met me. He said he saved it because he knew he wanted to give it to his future wife either at their 10 year anniversary or when they had their first child. He thought he'd have to wait for our 10 year to give it to me but yay, he didn't have to! Here's what was inside.
This is a ring from his grandmother. I never had the honor of meeting her as she passed away before I came into the picture.
Needless to say, with hormones and sweetness I boo-hooed...a lot!

Love my sweet Jason!


Des said...

ahh! how utterly romantic and special! GO Jason!

Courtney said...

That is about the most precious thing in the world! Jason sure scored major hubby points with that one!! It's beautiful! You are one special momma :)