Guess What We're Having....

Think you know the gender of our baby? Well you're not the only one!
Not finding out the gender of our little monkey has brought about some interesting reactions from people. Some people LOVE that we're not finding out and some people look at us like we are disgustingly irresponsible. Regardless of their emotional response to the ever popular phrase, "Oh, we're gonna be surprised" everyone has a theory on what kind of baby we'll be having - You're carrying low so it's a boy, What's it's heart rate....it's a girl, You can tell by the shape of your belly it's a boy, When is your birthday and roughly when did you conceive...it's a girl!

So what's your guess? Taking all bets NOW!


Des said...

what does your chinese calendar say? Mine was right with both my kids and with all 4 of Courtney's kids! I'm not sure when I conceived so if it was in June it's a boy or if it was in July, it's a girl. Or so says the crazy chinese voodoo.
But we are going to be surprised with this pregnancy too! I'm excited!

Mabrie said...

Des - I'm SO excited y'all aren't finding out too!! It's made this process even more fun for us! YAY!