You know who's NOT scary? Jerry Seinfeld

I love scary movies! I love all that goes into them creatively and I love the feeling of being a little freaked out by something you know isn't real. My love of being a little scared from time to time extends even into my dream world. I actually like nightmares! I know it's weird but, even though I'm freaked out I'm impressed with my brains ability to create fear out of nothing.

So, I had this reoccurring nightmare last night (it should be the premise for a movie). Here's the premise: The main character is sitting on their couch watching TV. They flip to a certain channel and all of a sudden it's them on the TV watching themselves in their house. Like under surveillance style. However, the show turns freaky when a predator of some sort comes into the house. And the "bad guy" is after them in one way or another. The character is then faced with the notion of choosing which reality to believe is truth, the one they are in or the one they are watching. There is also the ability to change the channel at any point if it gets too scary but the character always goes back because it's so intriguing. It's a dream so many things are possible.

Well, last night, Jerry Seinfeld is in the dream and it's almost like he's playing the scary host of the story ala Alfred Hitchcock-like. So when the main character changed the channel, Jerry is over there saying, "Why'd you have to change the channel? It was just getting good."

Jerry Seinfeld is not scary...not at all! So, thanks for ruining a perfectly good nightmare Jerry! Now get out of my head! :)

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