Do I Need a Baby Book?

Do mommy's still track all things baby with Baby Books? Do I need a Baby Book? Did you use one?
If so, which book did you get and did you find yourself actually using it?


Kathleen said...

Im telling you, do it through book smart on-line then you can just print it whenever you want! I love it!!
Love you

Des said...

I actually like scrap booking and Lyric's baby book STILL stopped at 10 months. It's hard remembering to print out pictures and then take the time.
HOWEVER, you know what I've done with both kids that have been lifesavers?

1. I bought baby calendars. They sell them at Target/BabiesRUs. It is SOOO much easier to put a sticker on a calendar when they did something (like first step, first time to travel, etc) then it is to write it down in a book. At least it was for me. I still made extra notations and such on the calendar to be a little more detailed, but keeping that calendar behind the door of their room was my "baby book"

2. I blog incessantly, so I have a huge memory book already.

3. I have a "mem box" (remember those!) and throw all the special momentos in there that I don't want to forget (hospital bracelet, favorite onesie, etc)

I'm planning on eventually making photo/mem books for each kid like Kathleen suggested. I think that is the best way.

craftycreations said...

I still haven't done much, but I think it's important to document as much as you can...getting around to putting all together is another story-start early on! Aww, I remember Mem Books ;)
I wanna see more pics of that belly!! What names do you have? Temm me everything!

Jenny said...

Where can I get the baby book that you used in your blog post? It's so cute!