Dumpster Diving

So I'm driving along with my sweetest friend, Alicia, and out of no where I exclaim, "What the..." and I pull the car over quickly and flip around. Alicia thought we were getting pulled over or hit a cyclist or something. Nope! I just saw a $300 highchair someone had just thrown out next to their dumpster. She quickly darted across the street, grabbed it and threw it into my car (like I said, sweetest friend). Check it out!

It's not the exact highchair I registered for but it's really close! The padding can be purchased separately and a plastic removable tray can as well. The condition is what I would list as gently used and I'm so cool with that. I am just so excited.
To be honest I was having the day from hell yesterday. Hard day at work and stressing about finances and this completely helped me get out of my funk! I love a bargain and I love free even more!
It may or may not be true but, I like to think God had that little gift waiting there for me. Humor me!


Grant said...

Love it! Totally cool, Mabrie!

Des said...

that is AMAZING!

Courtney said...

Those highchairs are so expensive!!! WOW!!! You totally scored on that one. I'm so excited for you.

Kathleen said...

Its not humoring you, its true! God cares about everything we care about even expensive high chairs! I love you so much and its awesome!!